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Does it matter how you celebrate Christmas?

Posted by Geoff on December 19, 2013 at 4:35 AM Comments comments ()

Personally, I think it does!

If you do not hold to Christian beliefs that Jesus Christ came as Immanuel (God with us) and that he came to earth to die a sacrificial and substitutionary death for sinners, then, why listen to or sing Christmas Carols that speak of this event?  And why send Christmas cards that have images of Jesus in a manger or angels appearing to shepherds, or wise men bowing to Jesus and offering their gifts?  Why even say, "Merry Christmas" since the word Christmas begins with "Christ"?

If you believe that Santa (or the false god of commerce) is a myth, then whether you are a Christian or not, why would you want to join in singing Santa songs, sending cards or decorating trees with Santas on them?  Why take your children to town to get their photo taken sitting on his knee?  Why not venerate and use as an example, a real person who was or still is known for their generosity and kindness, instead of a myth!  While some believe that Santa is based on the person of St. Nicholas there is (a) no documented evidence that St. Nicholas ever existed and (b) the myths that circulate about St. Nicholas show him to be a completely different person to the myth of Santa (see our Jesus and Santa page).

If you believe giving gifts is following the example of the wise men, then why not follow their example.  The wise men did not give gifts to each other but to Jesus and the gifts they gave were symbolic of who Jesus is and why he came (see gifts page for more on this).  If the true focus of Christmas (for you) is rejoicing in a Saviour, following in the footsteps of the wisemen and shepherds, then why spend hundreds on gifts to family and put your spare change into the Christmas appeal (if you do)?

The "Christmas" season appears to be a season that combines secular, pagan and Christian beliefs.   Why then do so many of us allow ourselves to be caught up in doing things that do not line up with our beliefs?   Just asking.

I may add to this post but in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on this by clicking on the "comments" link above.  :)

May God bless you through this Christmas season and in the New Year with the knowlege of his love for you through Jesus Christ.



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